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Product ID:8985
Large Ash Tray Holder

Artel by Bina Ali
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This ashtray is looks both modern and traditional at the same time. With the spun glass try on top, a base with orange and yellow color and pattern design look chic and trendy. The design is hand painted in black, red and blue colors. Whether you smoke or not, the ashtray itself is worthy of display as a piece of art. 

Shipping Weight: 1.00 Kg 
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Other Details of Large Ash Tray Holder
Products ID 8985
SKU SD-022
Material Clay
Dimensions l: 11" x w: 11" x Th: 1.5"
Time To Dispatch 7-12 Working Days
Warranty 100% original work , directly sourced from the maker.
Occasion Best for Table Decoration
Manufactured in Pakistan
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Large Ash Tray Holder, ash tray, colored ash tray