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Product ID:8748
Vote for Courage Frame

Tohfay Creative Factory
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Let’s frame our leader’s thoughts in a photo frame It’s time to raise our voice for our rights, be courageous about what you are doing. This frame symbolizes the message of Tipu Sultan which he tries to establish throughout his life. If we’re going to accomplish anything of value in life, it is going to take courage. We may not have to fight a demon or stand up to a bully, but courage will be necessary to attain it. According to the famous saying of Tipu Sultan” It is far better to live like a lion for a day than to live like a jackal for a hundred years.” This motivational photo frame will allow your recipient to be courageous in their life or even you can buy for yourself to spread this message. Send this exotic frame to your kids, brother, sister or even to your parents to inspire them with your thoughts.

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Other Details of Vote for Courage Frame
Products ID 8748
Material Wooden Frame, Paper
Dimensions 12.5"x 10"
Time To Dispatch 2-3 Working Days
Warranty 100% original work , directly sourced from the maker.
Occasion Best for wall decoration
Manufactured in Pakistan
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